Where Design and Function Collide – 17 / 01

At Ecospace, we understand that great design does not have to come at the expense of function, and that instead, they are (and should be) intertwined. With the best design ideas, great functionality will always follow. With this in mind, whilst the design of our garden studios might be idiosyncratic, all of our garden rooms strive to meet stringent practical demands. It is a testament to the versatility of our eco cube designs that they can be adapted to fit all kinds of applications, and therefore whatever your design brief, our eco cube designs are geared to meet your dream, rather than the other way round. The reason why our constructions are so suited to be able to adapt your specific wishes is that we are as eco architects, and therefore well versed in the language of design. Therefore, the success of our installations is won at the design stage. With this in mind, our garden studios can be engineered for all kinds of purposes. For example, perhaps you have always wanted a garden office, but have been put off by either the aesthetic of ‘traditional’ garden installations or the cost of heating etc. Well with our garden studios, not only are our buildings steeped in great design (and therefore remarkable design pieces) but they also have optimized functionality, incorporating the most efficient, low energy lighting and heating infrastructures. So, don’t be daunted by our green credentials, as running parallel are strong design credentials too, which means that our buildings are built for aesthetics and performance simultaneously.