Where style and environmental awareness come together – 07 / 06

Nowadays there is a lot of pressure to meet the challenges of climate change even in our daily lives – whether it’s by recycling or weaning ourselves off air travel. Unfortunately this has led to the misconception that being environmentally friendly requires some sort of sacrifice. At Ecospace Studios, however, we feel that the opposite can be true, and that the most environmentally friendly or “natural” constructions can also be the most satisfying. This is why we see our commitment to the best quality materials, most efficient construction methods and environmental concerns as all part of the same thing. Aesthetics On the aesthetics front, unlike “traditional” garden constructions, the functionality of our garden rooms never comes at the expense of our design standards; and instead, we believe that the most beautiful space can also be the most functional; which is why our elegantly designed buildings so effortlessly combine style and practicality. Made to Measure As part of our commitment to delivering structures that fit effortlessly into a garden space, we can build our garden rooms to your specific requirements, which means that your vision is never lost amongst someone else’s design ideas – of course as architects ourselves we are there to offer all the guidance you require. Sustainable Materials This is where Ecospace Studios really shine, and with our commitment to using mainly sustainable woods, not only can you enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that your garden room has a positive impact on the environment, but your can also enjoy the quality and aesthetic advantage that come with the finest FSC certified wood.