Why building an extension to your home could be a nightmare – 05 / 05

Many people who are unable to move home due to recent economic difficulties feel that having an extension built will give them the additional space they crave and add value to the property – all at a fraction of the cost and stress of actually moving house. While some of this may be true – having an extension built will add value to a property – the rest is not a given. Building home extensions can be enormously stressful, expensive, and potentially disastrous. What can go wrong? 1. Your neighbours: they are able to make their opinions known at any stage of the application planning process. This may be the time where spite, jealousy or awkwardness reveal themselves. If you aren’t careful how you manage the situation, you could end up sowing the seeds for a difficult relationship. 2. Poor design and planning: home extensions have to fit in with the style of your house. The roof, windows and doors should fit in with the rest of the house to create consistency and fluidity – not taking the time to plan this can cause problems later. 3. Planning permission: the convoluted process of applying for planning permission usually takes up to eight weeks, but this doesn’t take into account dealing with objections. There is an easier solution: build garden rooms, not an extension. A garden room usually doesn’t require planning permission. A garden room can be up in five days, making it less disruptive. Finally, a garden room can be a more attractive, cheaper and less stressful way of getting some space.