Why choose Ecospace? – 15 / 06

In a world where functionality often wins out over design, or mass produced items greatly outnumber bespoke products, we can lose sight of exactly what clever design can actually achieve. This is where Ecospace Studios comes in, and not only do our garden studios serve as highly modern functional spaces, but they also meet that now rare ideal of “originality.” So – what is it that makes Ecospace Studios stand above other modular building companies? Well unlike many other modular building companies, at Ecospace Studios we are professional green architects, which means that not only are we committed to installing a functional space into your home or garden, but we are also committed to delivering contemporary designs that really shine – because design is our passion rather than an afterthought to function. Linked to this, we also go above an beyond when it comes to things like construction methods and quality of materials; for example, we have a commitment to using sustainable materials to produce sustainable housing, which not only guarantees that only the finest woods, from the best “certified” forests are used, but that we always have our “green” credentials in-built to the designs of our buildings. Also, in order to deliver exactly what you want – we feel that it just wouldn’t be right to demand complete control over the designs of our buildings and that is why we are committed to building an “ecospace” that meets your specific demands. Remember, as architects we thrive on the creative process, and love to hear the original ideals when it comes to the use of space.