Why Choose Our Modular Holiday Lodges? – 26 / 04

If you are wanting to make the most of some picturesque landscape by adding some holiday lodges, then you will naturally be concerned about their upkeep, cost and maintenance. Further down the line will be considerations about their aesthetic appearance and amenities. All of these are natural concerns that EcoSpace has dedicated itself to solving through a range of highly affordable and modern modular holiday lodges. The main advantage of our solutions is that they can be installed easily, maintained for the absolute minimum cost and will perfectly complement the natural environment. In fact, that’s what we specialise in since we produce professional garden studios for a wide variety of customers.

Having an eye for environmental design really helps when you are in our business. Architects typically focus on the traditional means of design, which also necessitates the traditional set of materials. We are different however, since we have carefully chosen our materials to yield improvements in heat retention performance as well as consummate style. As experienced holiday lodge manufacturers we can include everything that a family would need to enjoy getting closer to nature without forsaking modern creature comforts. Our lodges include bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchens as well as dining and recreation areas. All of it can be integrated into the environment with the minimum of landscaping required before installing the lodge. This adaptability also means that the lodges can be dotted around as you please, or they can be used as an extension to a main hotel. They will also be accessible all year round thanks to some truly next generation technology.

Our Proven Technology

It is all well and good talking up the advantages of our technology, but what does it actually mean? As far as traditional foundations go, you won’t necessarily need them. Our buildings are stood on adjustable steel shoes which themselves stand on pre-cast concrete pads on a compacted sub base. This makes for an exceptionally stable and adaptable solution. The larger buildings may necessitate some foundation work, however. We will be able to instruct you on this.

Our underfloor heating system is designed to provide uniform warmth for the entire building ensuring the maximum in efficiency. We also use low energy lights, power and data points to ensure that your guests will have all the connectivity they need. The walls, floors and ceilings are all insulated to the same standards used when building modern houses and in many cases will outperform them. The double glazed windows are also high performance and completely secure.

More Advantages

If you are looking to buy several lodges on a budget, then with Ecospace you know exactly how much you’ll pay. We can tell you the final cost of your designs before we’ve even delivered them. Alternative lodges could run up extra bills as they are constructed or extra landscaping is required. We also construct from sustainable wood sources while also ensuring that the entire unit acts to reduce your carbon footprint. They also won’t require decoration on either the inside or the outside, so basically, we deliver, install and they immediately fit for purpose.