Why Garden offices are Viable Alternatives to Home Extensions – 29 / 02

Some homeowners might not see the installation of a garden office as a viable alternative to investing in an extension. After all, why get an outside building when you could simply have more room inside your warm, cosy home? Well, although this may seem true from the outset; there are a number of advantages which can be gained from choosing garden offices instead of home extensions.


One of the most significant advantages which garden office buildings have over extensions is that they are a far more eco-friendly investment. Certainly, all of the garden offices which we here at Ecospace offer are made from sustainable wood and come with complete low energy options for heating, lighting, and insulation.


Another key advantage of garden office buildings is that planning permission is often not an issue. This means that homeowners do not have to deal with all of the finicky paperwork that planning permission processes require or wait around for them to go through. Indeed, all they need to do is make their purchase and have it installed – simple.

Quick results

When you decide to invest in a home extension, you can expect to experience many months of disruptive building work. Conversely, when you order a garden office from us here at Ecospace; you can rest assured that your purchase will arrive within eight-to-twelve weeks and typically take only five days to install.

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