Why Timber Works Best for Garden Studios – 26 / 08

If you’re considering new garden buildings, the kind of materials used in their construction are a priority. For garden studios and similar structures, there are many advantages to natural wood. Lightweight yet durable and sustainable, having timber frames means that contemporary garden rooms can be built away from your premises then pieced together quickly in your garden. At the same time, the beauty of wood is that it is very low maintenance because it is built with using dry constructions methods, and won’t rust. Because no ‘drying out’ time is needed, construction is also quicker. And you won’t get the ‘drying out cracks’ commonly found with wet construction. And, given that it is a sustainable resource, even allowing for transport costs, timber is a carbon neutral material and so is the eco-friendly option. (Its insulating properties will also help you to reduce heating costs.) There is also good sound insulation. At Ecospace Studios, we have lots of experience building contemporary garden studios, bespoke garden rooms and the like. We can help you to have an office, a studio, a gym or home extension – one of our buildings can be whatever you want it to be! Made from attractive cedar wood with an optional plant covered roof, low-energy heating, lighting and insulation, we make garden studios with the environment firmly in mind. Use one of our buildings as an office and say goodbye to the daily commute. Learn more from our user-friendly website.