Why Use Green Architects – 15 / 03

“Green” architecture is a broad term, ranging from energy efficiency to non-toxic interior finishes to using solar power and recycled materials in construction. Specialist eco architects can help achieve these goals by incorporating sustainability at design stage to create buildings which are resource-efficient, environmentally sound and minimise waste. Ultimately, maintenance and operational costs are often lower with these types of projects. Use green architects and you will find that you will conserve energy and other scarce resources, from water and soil to local air and vegetation. Reduce your exposure to toxic resources, make best use of renewable energy, and minimise pollution. You may well also be able to encourage pedestrian and bicycle travel over public transport. And, while many people believe green architects are more expensive, that’s actually not the case. They generally cost the same, while eco buildings are less expensive to run than conventional ones. At Ecospace Studios, we combine design and instruction in-house to create high quality, sustainable buildings, from garden offices to sustainable homes, and we pride ourselves on our short delivery periods. (Typically the whole process lasts around 12 weeks.) We tested the first prototype for our modular buildings in 2002, and have completed numerous projects since, from classrooms to holiday accommodation, homes and garden studios. We have sound environmental credentials and are highly skilled at being sensitive to a range of different environments. Visit our website and get in touch today for a design proposal and quote for a standard or bespoke structure.