Why you should build your garden studios with Ecospace – 21 / 05

When it comes to the environment, most of us try to make choices which protect the world we live in, or at the very least do not do any further damage. Making environmentally-sound choices is possible in every area of our lives. Manufacturers and service providers have realised this and most of them make it possible for us to make these choices. For example, by offering local produce in supermarkets and clothing made from Fair Trade organic cotton in clothes shops. So why should garden studios be any different? Ecospace are a company of architects and craftsmen who are wholly committed to protecting the environment while creating and building beautiful spaces to suit their customers’ needs. Here are five reasons why you should use Ecospace to build your outside space or garden studios: 1. They like a good challenge, and will find a solution to meet the brief you give them. 2. They use environmentally sound materials when building, including sustainable wood for the structure, cedar classing and offering a sedum roof option. 3. Ecospace will help reduce your energy bills. It’s true; they will install low-level lighting and heating, top of the range insulation and Scandinavian double glazing so that your garden studios will be warm, cosy and inexpensive to run. 4. You won’t need to spend any more on interior design. All Ecospace properties are built without the use of wet trades; this means that you won’t have to worry about painting or decorating, and are left with a lovely natural finish. 5. You will have the outside space you crave in as little as five days.