Wide Open Space – 12 / 10

The list is endless when it comes to building garden studios. Garden office? Outdoor gym? Eco-friendly classroom? Commercial annex space? Residential building? If you have the garden space, the team at Ecospace can supply compact and large-scale solutions for all of the above to indulge your architectural requirements. A key element to our success is the modular design of our products. Modular design means we’ve created lots of stand-alone pieces that also fit together in a staggering variety of ways. For example, the Eco Cube range is designed so that individual pieces can be integrated seamlessly into small spaces to provide multi-use functionality (outdoor dining areas etc.). The Ecospace buildings can also be installed in a series or in groups to best utilise larger or oddly shaped environments, such as in commercial use (schools, hotels, pubs, restaurants, conference centres) or large private spaces (garden offices, accommodation, home gym and so on). Loosely speaking, imagine a child with building blocks – the blocks are created to fit together in whatever order or shape the child fancies that day. We can even come back and add to any existing structure we’ve already installed for you. Filling excess outdoor space is an important decision, so we recommend a run-through with our accomplished contemporary eco-architect team to tailor the best solution to your wide open space requirements.