Work at Home in Peace – 15 / 02

For most people, traffic jams and long commutes are part and parcel of getting to work every day. Sadly, the average morning commute is now taking longer and costing more than ever before, so not only do workers have to get up earlier; they also have to pay more for the privilege.

With this in mind, it is easy to see why many more people are now looking to work from home. Indeed, not only can home workers get up later; they can save money on petrol or fares and work during those hours they once wasted on the motorway, train or bus.

However, working from home does have its own disadvantages; most notably that trying to concentrate in the environs of a modern domestic setting can be very difficult indeed.

If you work from home and find yourself getting constantly frustrated with the inefficiency of working in the house then it may well be time for you to consider moving your work-based operations into a garden office.

Garden offices can not only help you to effectively separate your working life from your home life; they can also enable you to do your bit for the environment too. Here at Ecospace, we can provide contemporary garden offices which allow you to save the planet as well as your sanity. Indeed, by working on the principles of sustainable housing, our modern garden offices maximise efficiency and light to create refreshing outdoor rooms which blend effortlessly in to natural garden surrounds.