Work Flexibly … from Your Garden! – 06 / 02

As the winter did its worst with snow at the start of the year, and many of us struggled to get into the office on icy roads and delayed public transport networks, if you found yourself wishing you could work from home, you were far from alone.

Many bosses must have also wished for a way their staff could keep on working whatever the weather – new research has shown that snowy weather costs the British economy up to £11bn annually.

There’s also been plenty of research to show that employees would like greater flexibility in their working arrangements all year round.

And there was good news for the work/life balance near the end of last year when new plans were launched by the government giving new mothers the right to return to work just two weeks after childbirth and share the rest of their maternity leave with their partner.

Equally, parents also have the legal right to ask for flexible working arrangements, in a move which followed a public consultation in 2012.

Speaking last autumn, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said the new measures would mean all parents had “more options”, while profession women in particular would be given “a real choice” about balancing their working and family lives.

Of course, whether you work for yourself or someone else, if flexible working means working from home on a regular basis, you need to be geared up for it.

And if, like many in the current climate, you’ve put off moving to a bigger property, it’s not always easy to find a quiet, separate space in which to focus, especially amid the inevitable paraphernalia of family life.

Garden offices represent one attractive option which could give you a convenient work base while leaving the rest of your home undisturbed. You can concentrate without distractions, and, just as importantly, close the door behind you and rejoin your family and really switch off once you’ve stopped working for the day – just as if you were leaving a regular office behind.

Garden office Buildings from Ecospace

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You will receive a design proposal and a quote for a standard or bespoke Ecospace structure, along with any additional options you’ve asked for.

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