Work from Home in a Garden Building – 05 / 11

If you’re someone who often works from home, then you know that sometimes it can be difficult having the same space in which to live and work. If you don’t have the good fortune to have a home office, then you may struggle sometimes to divide up your work/life balance, and you may also feel like you’re always at work because you don’t leave during the day. One answer could be in the form of a new wave of garden offices being designed and built for people who have this exact problem. A garden office building can be eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing, not like an extension on the garage or another separate building. Usually made completely of natural materials, they are a great place to work during the day, leaving you with the feeling that you can escape the office at the end of the day. Just go across the garden! If you’ve got the space required for a small garden office, then you’ll need a specialist residential architect to help you plan out your new garden office, and also apply for planning permission on your behalf if it’s needed. You’ll be surprised how many of these buildings don’t need planning permission and are easy and fast to construct and maintain. Once built, you can hide away in your new garden office and get more work done without the distractions of home, but in the beauty and peace of your own garden. What more could a home worker ask for?