Work From Home In Garden Offices – 22 / 01

Do you want to work from home, but don’t have the space? Or maybe you are all set up to run your own business from home, but you have a family and it’s hard to get your own space, free time, or quiet time to get things done?

The solution? One of our Ecospace garden offices! What better way to work from home than to be able to step out your front door but only take a few paces across your garden to arrive at work?

Ecospace studios can be provided in many different style and sizes. We have garden studios, mono pitches, dual pitches, and work pods.

Worried about the safety of our buildings on the environment? Never fear–all of our buildings are eco friendly, and made from sustainable cedar wood with an optional plant covered roof. They also incorporate low energy heating, lighting, and insulation.

We really do provide the ideal solution to those in need of an extra room to do their business work at home. We can also get your garden office or garden shelters done and to you a lot faster than normal home extensions could be completed.

So, what’s stopping you from working at home now? All you have to do is get the space you need with one of our garden offices.

For more information about what we do, and the buildings we make, visit the main web page or read through some more of our blog. You can also get in touch with us by ringing: 020 7703 4004.