Your Garden Office – 26 / 10

Contemporary garden offices provide solutions to any number of work environment-rated issues. Freelancers, the self-employed, or simply those seeking a contained work space to get a little extra done can all benefit from modern garden offices or garden studios to help keep their work life separate from their home life, and conduct daily job-related tasks more effectively. Rudimentary tip number one – keeping your home and work spaces separate is critical to an efficient home office. Sitting on your bed with your laptop may sound great, but too much association of work with your bedroom can leave you feeling negative towards the space. Similarly, too much association between work and home can make it very difficult to work at optimum levels. Shutting out the distractions of home life is generally rather difficult. We can create a professional environment conducive to efficiency, productivity and optional isolation if you require complete seclusion to concentrate effectively. Our WorkPod range is compactly designed to make efficient use of space and budget, fitting serenely into your garden as an enhancing feature rather than an unsightly necessity. Optional interior features (we understand that an architect and writer have very different work space needs), like workspaces and storage systems, can be mulled over with our designers to make sure your workspace is absolutely perfect for your profession.